Frequently Asked Questions about Cashless Atm Machines
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. What is an Atm Scrip Machine?
A: A scrip machine works like a traditional ATM except the Scrip Machine holds no cash. The Scrip machine prints out a receipt for preset dollar amounts (that the merchant controls) and the cashier redeems it for products, services, and/or cash back for the customer. This allows you to offer your customers the convenience of ATM service without the expense, security risks or the refilling of cash like traditional ATMs. It's truly a hassle free way to offer card payment options and cash back to your customers!

Q. How is Scrip Dispensing different?
A: A scrip dispensing atm gives the customer a two part receipt for redemption at checkout to pay for products, and/or services. The customer keeps the customer portion of the scrip receipt for his/her records, and the merchant keeps the merchant portion for their records.

Q. What if I don't Want to Keep Extra Cash in my Register?
A: You don't have to keep extra cash onhand because merchants are able to limit the dollar amounts that the machine can run transactions for. If the machine is limited to $30 or $40, most merchants will have no problem making change considering most customers using the machine are going to buy something from the merchant.

Most businesses that do not accept bank cards are taking in alot of cash, which can be a problem itself. Everytime someone uses your new cashless atm, the merchant just made a bank deposit because those funds are being deposited into the merchant's account.

Q. Can I really increase my sales by offering a Scrip ATM?
A: Yes. More people carry ATM, debit, and bank cards than own a credit card. Because of this, the industry is projecting the number of ATM machines in the United States to double in the next few years. The best part is people will spend more if they have the option of using their debit cards. Also, scrip machines pay you each time it is used.

Q. What are my responsibilities regarding installation?
A: We ship our scrip machines pre-programmed and ready to use. All you have to do is plug in the power cord to a standard wall plug, and connect the machine to your phone jack and you're ready to offer ATM services to your customers.

Q: Do I need a dedicated phone line?
A: No, you can use your existing line. Just make sure your phone line is not in use when a customer is using your ATM scrip machine. Normally, business phones aren't tied up for long periods of time so this set up works just fine in most cases.

Q: Is there any signage provided?
A: We provide decals for your business' doors, a 3-sided hang down Atm sign (to hang from the ceiling above the machine in your location), and a window sign that says "Atm Inside". The machine comes with a countertop kiosk that also has signage on it. Banners, florescent Atm signs, standup kiosks, and other promotional materials are available at an additional charge.

Q: How fast do merchants get their funds?
A: The funds that merchants pay out when honoring scrip recepts from the machine will be deposited into their bank account in about 3 business days (not counting weekends, when the banking industry is idle) through the Federal Reserve where all funds are FDIC Insured.

Q: This is an Atm machine, so why doesn't the merchant get their funds the next day?
A: Actually, Cashless Atm machines are POS terminals, not Atm machines (even though they work like an Atm for the public). Because the banking industry considers these terminals to be POS machines, they treat transactions as though they are POS transactions, which have always taken several days to reach the merchant's bank account, just like it does when a business uses a regular credit card machine.

Q: What is the machine's power requirement?
A: Standard 110 volt outlet within 10 feet of the unit.

Q: When transactions are dialing out, does this result in long distance charges?
A: No. Our machines dial-up a tollfree number so you don't have to pay any long distance charges

Q: Will the unit be permanently secured?
A: No, with no theft element, it is not necessary to secure the unit to the wall or floor.

Q: What happens if the machine runs out of paper?
A: The machine issues a warning when the paper supply is low. When this happens, you will still have plenty of time to replace the paper roll. If the paper runs completely out, the machine will take itself out of service and refuse to process any transactions until the paper is replaced.

Q: Once I sign up, how long before I can expect my equipment?
A: You can expect your scrip machine to be delivered in about 10 to 12 business days after the necessary paperwork is turned in.

Q: Do you have a unit that will work for our drive thru windows?
A: Yes. Pin Pads are available with long cords so your drive through personal can hand the unit out to the customer so they can enter their PIN number with convenience without getting out of their car. Ask for a quote.

Q. What About Chargebacks?
A: Charge backs are not an issue with cashless atm machines, since they only performs PIN based transactions.

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